16h Metallic Buckskin Purebred Lusitano Stallion

16h Metallic Buckskin Star strip hind rt Fetlock sock

This lovely boy is a retired top class bloodless bullfighting horse with impeccable breeding and performance record for producing Dressage and Bullfighting horses with color! He is Metallic Golden Buckskin.

Lusitanos are known for their lovely temperaments and are talented in the highest of levels in Dressage and high level bullfighting with movement and agility not easily matched.

Many many photos upon request documenting this amazing stallion.

These photos are current as of Sept 9th 2018 and I can send many documenting his bloodless bullfighting and have many photos of his get and have pic of his sire.

He produces palominos, buckskin, and cremellos

Stud fee $1600.00. Please read our policies and contact us for a breeding contract. We give multiple mare discounts and pay in full booking discounts before April 1st

Live cover to approved mares and fresh cooled semen.

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