Sportpony 2007 Grulla Pinto Arabian x Mare


2007 Grulla Pinto Arabian x Mare
Markings: Silver charcoal Grulla Tobiano pinto zebra stripes on all four legs with stripes on inside of hocks and on front knees and forearms barred ears and dorsal stripe.
Height: 14.1h

This adorable mare will become a part of our breeding program and will be bred to either a stunning 16.3h Friesian Stallion or our lovely Galliant for super color and type. She is super sweet and a gorgeous mover and are so excited to breed her for gorgeous grullas. She has already produced a grulla foal. She is only available for sale if we get a fair price as we feel blessed to have acquired this lovely mare for our breeding program of stunning colored sporthorses.


This mare has a kind, steady temperament for experienced youth or amateur, and her color will make her a standout as a show horse.


For a horse very similar to this in age, color, size, suitability, and training level, please send us an email and we'll notify you as soon as one might be available! Please let us know your specific needs and we'll do our best to find a perfect match within your budget.


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